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Pittsburgh, PA Classic Gaming Expo/Convention, etc.

SiLic0ne t0aD

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Hi everyone,


I was curious if there is or was an event of this nature around the Pittsburgh PA area. I haven't seen anything but it never hurts to ask. There has to be something going on there or at least some killer old school game stores tucked away. I'm assuming anyway.. ;-) It would be convenient since I'm about 50 minutes away over in the Ohio Valley. It would be cool to meet up with collectors in this area and buy/sell/trade and whatnot. Let me know if you know anything folks, I appreciate it! Thanks everyone,

Cheers - Todd

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Holy cow hyperboy, ya raped em! What a haul.. Lucky you. Yeah I forgot about the exchange, it's been a couple years since I've been to the one in Oakland. I remember a few classic gaming goodies but IIRC, the prices were a bit steep.


I just can't believe Pittsburgh doesn't have an expo or convention once a year like most other places. Disappointing.. Well I just need to go thrift shopping all around and see what I can find. Rodgers flea market is pretty good in the summer time.

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That's how I like to roll! Definitely bulk, not wasting gas just for a couple Genesis controllers. ;-)

Maybe income tax time and spring time will be the best time to go. I'm gonna save some money up and start making a list of places of interest in the Burgh. That's going to be a challenge though besides the usual suspects. Looking forward to Rogers flea market here in Ohio soon, they always have classic games.. And fake Oakley sunglasses which I usually grab a few pairs.. Lol :-D

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