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Harmony Cart at the arcade!


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So...last weekend I spent pretty much the entire Saturday at my favorite arcade. And on the Atari 2600 monitor, I saw the telltale Harmony menu. :) I commented to the owner that it was cool to see one of those in use in the wild. His reply was something like, "Well, I GOTTA use one of those! You know what a pain it would be for me to have to bring all those cartridges in here?"

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I mean, whatever they were using to monitor the Atari, be it a TV, monitor, etc.


But yeah...Underground Retrocade in West Dundee, IL has a 2600, an Atari 8-bit, a Commodore VIC=20 and at least one other classic console available for play. And I know that YesterCades in Red Bank, NJ has practically EVERYTHING console-wise, including Odyssey2. And the Atari 7800 there (which doubles as the 2600 console) is hooked up to an old-school console TV, and the seating area consists of shag carpet and a bean bag chair!

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