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Breakdown of users configurations (2014)


Breakdown of user's configurations  

55 members have voted

  1. 1. My TI-99/4A use is...

    • Emulation Only -- (Stop Here if this is your choice)
    • Both Emulation and "Real Iron"
    • Real Iron Only
    • If you chose #2 - Primarily Emulation
    • If you chose #2 - Primarily "Real Iron"
    • If you chose #2 - About equal usage
  2. 2. If you answered (2 or 3) What is your video on the real machine?

    • Standard Output - With RF Modulator
    • Standard Output - Without RF Modulator
    • Enhanced Output - F18A
    • Enhanced Output - 9938 or 9958
    • Hooked to an older television set
    • Hooked to a computer monitor
    • Hooked to a VGA equipped flat screen television
  3. 3. What is your systems configuration?

    • Console Only
    • Console with Cassette
    • Console with Nano-PEB Expansion
    • Console with CorComp Expansion
    • Console with TI Peripheral Expansion Box
    • Console with "Other Expansion"
  4. 4. Do you have or use the following cartridges

    • TI Extended BASIC (or other variant)
    • Editor Assembler (Plain Version)
    • Editor Assembler (Super Cartridge Version)
    • 64K Custom Guidry Board Cartridge
    • Experimental 512K GROM Cartridge
    • RXB
    • Forth Cartridge (fbForth or TurboForth)
    • Mini Memory Module
  5. 5. What is your storage medium?

    • Cassette
    • 1 Disk Drive
    • 2 or more Disk Drives
    • HDX board (Hard Drive)
    • Actual Hard Drive
    • Solid State Storage Device - Like a CF Card
    • Other Storage Device
  6. 6. Game Controller

  7. 7. Memory Expansion

    • 32K Card (or equivalent)
    • 32K+ Like Foundation, AMS, etc.
    • No Memory Expansion
  8. 8. Do you have a dot matrix printer hooked to your TI?

  9. 9. Do you have a dedicated communications device on your TI?

    • Modem (Dialup type)
    • Internet Interface (Like a UDS-10)
    • No dedicated communication device
  10. 10. Do you have and use a GRAM device

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tried to vote, but do not have any 32k memory expansion... btw: you forgot to add the Mini Memory cart! Two categories: battery backed storage for your (smallish) programs and used as an E/A programming device. :)


You are right! I'll try to go back in an change it... then I'll try to vote myself.

I ran out of categories, so that's it.. :skull:

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For Storage Medium, I selected 'other' for the Mini Memory cart.


Have and use a dedicated Wico trackball too, for Centipede of course! :love:


Ooops, that has now been made into an multiple choice question too. Sorry about that. Hopefully all is in order now. This is my first attempt making a poll with the AA system.

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I have a Geneve which I count as a TI system, but there's no option here.




Same for the SGCPU, there's no option in 'What is your systems configuration?' for 'No Console'. :)


Sorry, the Atari Age poll software only allows for 10 main questions. I would have liked to have gotten a little more specific, but as they say, "It is what it is". I'm glad you and others found a way to make up for this limitation by using the message area. :thumbsup:

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hey omega guy, i thought this was a poll about ti's. somebody screwed up your poll. they voted emulation but didn't stop there. he even voted for his pretend cart too.


No biggie, he probably has that stuff stuck in a box somewhere. You know, if you think about it, if ANYONE has a real RXB cart, it would be RXB! ;)

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No biggie, he probably has that stuff stuck in a box somewhere. You know, if you think about it, if ANYONE has a real RXB cart, it would be RXB! ;)


This was my understanding, that and he wanted to make later versions available in cartridge format.

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I don't. I just had to pick something for that question. All I use are game carts and one cassette game.


Oh Rat Farts! I should have known it was too good to be true. If I ever do another poll, there will be a N/A or none of the above or one of that type of variant available. My bad, apologies all around.

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