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Atari 2600 Video Pinball lower case text variation


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Hi I picked up a picture lable copy of Video Pinball for the Atari 2600

I noticed the lable is printed in all lowercase letters. All my other atari games have all upper case letters

AtariAge website guide only shows an upper case text version.

What's up with the lower case letters?

Rare, Common, any ideas? I paid $1.00 for it, it has a small tear on the top lable.


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What's up with the lower case letters?

Probably just a formatting/typesetting error. I'm not sure, but I think Video Pinball might've been the first game released with a picture label, so they might've just carried over the formatting from the text label games (which had lowercase lettering) before deciding to change to capitals later on.


Rare, Common, any ideas?

Very common. It's actually more common than the version with capital letters (from what I've seen).

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