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Codebreaker Rarity


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I have an new in box CODEBREAKER number CX2643 , the box is GREY color, and according to the AtariAge rarity guide there are only GREEN color boxes!!

I dont know if it is a picture or text label, I dont want to open the box to find out (NIB).

I bought it in Mexico, I dont know if this is some kind of “International release”, but all the box words are in English.

The back of the box is different from the ones listed in AtariAge.

How can I upload a BOX SCAN ? to AtariAge

What is the rarity of this game?.




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That's the "Atari, Corp." re-release from 1986. Uncommon, but not rare. It's a picture label inside, on which the title will be split into two words and the "use with _____ controller" information will either covered by a strip of black tape or else omitted entirely. Here is the entry for this variant on atarimania. Don't bother attempting to uploading anything to the AA database. The AA database is woefully out of date and hasn't been actively maintained in over a decade. Atarimania is the really the place to go for this sort of information nowadays.

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