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Phantom Breaker Extra


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I had intended to pick up Phantom Breaker back a couple of years ago when it was allegedly coming for the US 360. That didn't happen since Microsoft refused approval for the game. At the time I wished it had been a PS3 game because then there would be region locking to have to deal with.


Yesterday I discovered there was a Phantom Breaker artbook. That reminded me of the game and I decided to check and see if hell had frozen over and if it had ever gotten a US release. I found out that a sequel/upgrade (as fighting games typically get) had recently been published for the PS3 under the name Phantom Breaker Extra.


In the interim, I've stopped buying games at the breakneck pace I had been when I originally intended to purchase this one. In addition, I feel I've passed way beyond the point of saturation, and just don't feel much desire to play much anymore. In addition, the only reason I had curiosity about this game is because I recognized the Hiro Suzuhiro art and the questionable novelty of that was about the only draw for me. Perhaps I'm better off just snatching up the art book.


I know AtariAge isn't exactly a hotbed of import action, but has anyone else picked up Phantom Breaker Extra? If someone has, is it a good pick up and play game? I have no interest in trying to learn deep intricacies of a fighting game ever again. All I care about is whether it can be played as a fun button masher and if it provides a cool experience even when two blundering novices who can't string combos together to save their lives play.




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