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WIP - Grumpy Cat


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Finally got the urge to try writing a 2600 game, and fired up bAtari Basic at long last.


I've always loved the look and feel of the early VCS games, from 1978 through 1982. Simple mechanics, basic graphics, and followers of Bushnell's Law. (Easy to learn, difficult to master). Enough flickering to make Tod "Pac-Man" Fry blush, increasing speed as you move along, that sort of thing. So that was what I thought I'd write. And to make it interesting, I decided to theme it on a currently popular meme.


Grumpy Cat wants to eat in peace, but the universe won't leave her alone. Use the joystick to move Grumpy Cat around the screen, eating the noms as they appear while avoiding annoying obstacles like happy people, photographers, a "doge," love, and the bluebird of happiness.


6 total "games:" 3 or 5 lives, maximum of one to three "monsters" on the screen at a time.


"Final" source and binary uploaded. Permission granted to redistribute the binary and have carts made for yourselves, but cannot be sold as doing so would be violation of trademark held by Grumpy Cat's owners..




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