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Mega Everdrive Won't Play SMS Games


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I just got a Mega Everdrive to use on my Genesis model 1/Sega CD model 2 and Genesis games work fine but any SMS game I pick ends up with a black screen. I am running OS v9 off the micro SD slot. My old Everdrive (now I guess they're called Everdrive MD) plays the SMS games just fine on the exact same console. I just tested it.


Any ideas?

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@Chilly Willy, love your avatar!

Thanks! That's the first computer I bought with my own money. I worked at a TV repair shop one summer in 82 to buy it. I had considered the A400, the Coco, and the TRaSh-80, and went with the clear choice. :D


It has a BKey full-stroke keyboard, the Mosaic 64KB ram upgrade, it's third POKEY (the POKEY seems to wear out real quick on the 400), and had a 65C02 for a while. I really love my old A400... still have it, and it still works!

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