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Crazy Kong (hack of DK)

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Here is a quick hack of Coleco's DK into Falcon's Crazy Kong. See this link for more information about the original: http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Crazy_Kong




What's been changed from DK:

* color scheme
* new sounds & music
* minor graphics modification (probably unnecessary) of Kong
* firefoxes changed to fireballs
* decreased jump hang time slightly

I'm also working on a version with increased speed for the barrels and fireballs, though it's buggy and the screen rolls. The arcade version isn't this fast, but the extra speed does seem to add a new dimension to game play and make you come up with new strategies like the original apparently did. And hey--it's Crazy Kong after all.


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 Don't see anything wrong, modifying or adding something to an existing game!
See what happened to Adventure, Marauder or Warlords!
They were all redesigned, there was almost nothing left of the original design,
 except the mechanics of the game!
When you miss the classic version, and just revisit it, it will always be available and unchanged!
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