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Der Luchs

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Hi Folks,
today I had an idea which I have "sketched" in the following Video.
Better to hold an idea before to forgets it ^ ^
Let's see, maybe even with Weapon updates or something like that,
maybe PvP? How knows ^ ^
Have fun :-)



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If you had upgrades falling from the top (weapon upgrades, shields, bonus points) I think it would add some more skill to the game. You would take risks to get those objects instead of just avoiding the one bad guy. You could add a second bad guy later in the game. Then you have to avoid two instead of one.

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Thanks bros!


Now it looks more like a Game, A2600 Style ^^

Gameplay Update:
- Blocks - falling down after Hit
- Reflector - Fire's back after Hit

To Do List:
- Better Collision
- Collision between Player/down falling Block
- Highscore
- PvP Mode



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Thanks :)

I plan to do a Cartridge Release.

I'll try to finish the Single Player Mode this week, so that I can start

with the PvP Mode this weekend and I will try to include a Coop Mode.

The idea of how the coop mode should work, looks good in my head...

But maybe... We will see ^^

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Thanks guys ^^


Finally, the game has a title screen and a logo!
To make the game a bit more harder, the blocks now come back into the game again ^^
Furthermore, I have provisionally inserted a score;)
Unfortunately, my first attempt to make the opponent's shots a bit more varied, has caused an interesting interpretation of the starting point ^^
Have fun:


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