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I am slowly... adding text files to each directory which contain a list of the dsk filenames and their corresponding TI Filename and a catalog of the files on each disk.


Look in each directory for a txt files titled !XXXX-FILES.TXT, where XXXX is the directory name.


Hopefully, I will have all directories done within the next week. If not, then, they are coming.


While this doesn't solve the issue of what program is on a disk, it might aid in your search. Remember, that once uncompressed the contents of the .dsk files can be viewd with Michael's TI Imagetool, or Fred's TI99Dir.



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You need the actual ID entered into AtariAge's database, which you should see at the bottom of the page when you hover over the entry link. As an example, here is @Willsy's blog (ID=472) and his 3rd entry (ID=9443).




Ok, I'll have to give that a shot next time. Thanks for the explanation!



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Wrap up.


Shortly after initial compressing and upload I moved some folders around (exp: 88PGMCON, 90PGMCON, etc.) to related folders. I also moved all of the user group folders (SW99ER, CTIUG, etc.) into the UserGroups. There were others as well.


This created a situation where the folder would uncompress in the old location, rather than the one listed in the !XXXX-FILES.TXT listing. That has been mostly fixed with a refresh of the data. There may still be a few that end up in the wrong spot. If you run into one, then let me know and I'll fix it.


All directories now contain a !XXXX-FILES.TXT file which lists the dsk files, their TI diskname and a catalog of the files on the disk. This won't necessarily give you the program name, but the TI disk or filename might aid.


Three files, two text and one Excel, have been uploaded to the root. They should be self-explanatory. The Excel file is very useful for sorting by TI filename, etc.


That should about wrap it up. In total there are 11,682 dsk files with 187,331 individual files in the collection (give or take a few). That's not all 12K, but I left out the duplicates, plus the bad ones I could find and those I transfered for Jon Guidry, which are already posted in JonG.


Hoewever the collection does contain the MICROpendium, CIS, Cedar Valley UG, CTIUG, plus others which I had previously uploaded to the WHT.



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Wow, this is just an amazing collection! An incredible amount of effort must have gone into this archiving/preservation project. Thanks, Ernie, for providing this to all TI-99 enthusiasts, and particularly for placing them on the WHT FTP site.

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