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The mysterious 99-levels of Mr. Do


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The ROMs for Crazy Otto do exist. There's a story on why they didn't get release. The guy who had them was about release them some years back but at the last minute feared NAMCO would sue him or some such didn't released them. The only things we got from that were some movies and screenshots.

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Don't be so sure about that.

I'm actually quite sure about it. There have been a ton of false leads, and some promising developments that ultimately went nowhere, but the game has yet to be found. I'm sure it exists somewhere however, too much evidence points to a functioning proto out there.


If it has been found then it's not by one of the 'prototype regulars' as it has been kept off the radar quite successfully.

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I know a lot that the rest of you don't but this is when I shut down and shut up.

All I'm gonna say is don't give up hope on the Green Machine.

Well I could say that I know how to split the atom but would anyone be interested? You probably know a lot about the Hulk in general but in the 2600 field you are probably lacking? ;)

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Interesting story.

Back to the original post here though, I actually have two different Mr. Do boards.

Ive kept them both all these years only because there was something different among the them.

Ill have to check them out and report back.

Also dont forget about Neo Mr. Do for neogeo. That one has multiple levels & an actual ending.

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