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sega homebrew?


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Wow, we do have one... :-o Thanks, Chilly! ;-)

No problem. Like theloon said, the forum can be a little slow, and the program is kinda spread over a number of releases, so some folk need a little help getting going. There's no real docs on it, but the old release has examples. So don't skip downloading the old arcs or you'll miss the examples, which are about all the documentation you'll find. Also read threads where people ask about issues - you'll find good info in those threads. It could really do with a nice wiki page, though. That's one of the best things about Batari Basic - it has a REALLY great doc wiki.

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I know the biggest repro makers stopped accepting new shells a while ago, and some of the recent homebrews and repros have used new materlals (e.g. Bill's Tomato Game), though those cart shells literally wouldn't fit in my Genesis. If I find a good link to send your way, I'll surely post it!


EDIT: Aww, man, don't sacrifice NBA Jam, it's one of the ones that people actually like to play!

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