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Here is some TI stuff I found on a South African website. Havent looked through it. I have just zipped it.


See if it is usefull.




Breezed through the files, looks like a little collection of documents and notes mostly.


I liked this one the best though, in the file "NMKEY.TXT" (which looks to be a basic program). First line says this:


"1 REM i have no idea what this does"



I definitely remember my programming teacher telling to use REM wisely and document your programs well. Never thought about using that description for my REM statements though. He probably would have hated me even more than he already did. LOL





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My Timer program went through so many major revisions over 15 years I have a few REMs sprinkled around noting orphaned code or a "Is this still used?" comment. It's heavily commented, though good luck following all the jumps as I'd work in new code anywhere it'd fit. I took spaghetti code as my mantra, LOL.


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