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Atari Flashbacks

Dan Bellamy

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I would like to thank the person who came up with the Flashback 2, just really bring back lots of good memories, works very well with my hd tv and has been lots of fun. I like the games: Arcade Pong, Centipede, I remember Lunar Lander, Battlezone, Atari Climber, Love Frog Pond, Hangman, Maze Craze, Outlaw, Video Checkers...

My first video game system was a Glorytone Pong system, that you could play 4 people at the same time, that was in 1977, I was 23.

Second was a ColecoVision, and Adam Computer, I have both...

The Flashbacks renewed my interest in video games so I have a modest collection:

Atari 2600 vader with the Atari game center storage.

Atari 2600 Jr.

Atari Flashback 1&2

Atari 5200

ColecoVision, and expansion module1 for the 2600 carts.

Adam Computer

ATGames Sega Master Drive 20 in 1 game system that can play Sega Genesis Carts too. My wife and me like to play Wheel of Fortune on this system.

Walgreens Wireless Sports game system, plug and play, works very well. the bowling game is very good..

Zone 40, I know but there are some games I like on it.

Jakks Pacific Batman plug and play

Jakks Pacific Star Wars Motion Control Republican Guard plug and play.


And A Nintendo WII

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I guess I'm the opposite. I built most of my Atari collection before the Flashbacks came out. So when they did come out, I was intrigued, but opted not to buy any of them because I have the original hardware and games.


You should look to add a 7800 and an Atari 8 bit (like an 800, 800XL, or XE) to round out your collection.

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I would like to thank the person who came up with the Flashback 2

I can't tell if you're aware, but in case you aren't, that very person is active here at AtariAge, Curt Vendel. Well, he wasn't solely responsible for everything, but he was the lead hardware engineer and the primary driving force behind the project. His firm, Legacy Engineering, developed the 2004-2010 entries in the Flashback series for Atari to put their name on and sell. So, hehe, you've really come to the right place. :)




P.S. I have to say I'm amused that, at this moment, Curt's profile's count of Likes received is LEET (1337). :D

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