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Currently Sold & Supported Hardware for the TI-99/4A


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I'd like to compile a list of items that are CURRENTLY being sold & supported for the TI. This way newbies or former returning TI'ers would be able to expand at a moments notice with little to no effort on their part. Sometimes I feel the community would grow faster and stronger if it were not so difficult to obtain some items.


Items like the F18A & SID already have established websites to go to where a person can order the product and have it delivered. There are other items that can be obtained as well, but they are harder for a Newbie to obtain and waiting around for a hit & miss on eBay can be a drag. With 632k & 512k carts/projects coming soon, Super Carts, HDX boards, 80 Track Mods. It would be great if a person searching could find contact information for person(s) willing to assemble and sell them the completed item or items.


So if there is an item not mentioned, or someone is willing to perform an assembly service for a fee to help support their and the other persons hobby experience, please let us know.



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I wouldn't say that, Kevan, it is more that the various projects folks are working on are only slowly coming to fruition. The 512K cart project is finished hardware-wise, but cartridge images for it are still a work-in-progress unless you roll your own. The loader for the ÜberGROM is still being worked on, the 128K TI memory board redux is on its way to me in the mail right now--and I'll have to build and test a couple of them to make sure the layout is good, the protoboard won't get to fabrication until late in May (I budget my fabrication projects), I'm still working on the IDE layout, the 99/8 flat cable Armadillo Interface will probably be fabricated in June, and a couple of other boards I'm working on will probably see the light of day this fall.


But for your thread:


1. An assembled 128K cartridge board (capable of working as 4 16-bank zones of 128K each with the addition of two switches, not included) costs $16, shipped to a US address. This is a direct extension of the 64K Guidry board, using inverted banks. EPROM not included.


2. An assembled 512K non-inverted cartridge board costs $16, shipped to a US address. EPROM not included.


3. An assembled ÜberGROM board costs $24, shipped to a US address. The price does not include an Atmel ATMega1284P, but it does include two blank 512K PLCC Flash chips.


I have a few assembled and tested copies of each of these three boards on-hand (I built and tested a couple of dozen boards in a mix of the three types this weekend). PayPal eats about a dollar of the posted board cost. Other payment methods may be up to a dollar less, assuming they don't have similar fees.

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some from my list:

http://www.retroclouds.de/#home Retroclouds - maker of pitfall cartridge

http://www.iec-usa.com/cgi-bin/iec/fullpic?wPKUCgTK;L1172;3 : iec-usa ribbon replacement cable for PEB (fire house)

http://webpages.charter.net/nanopeb/ CF7+ and NanoPEB support page. He usually sells his items through Ebay.

http://codehackcreate.com/archives/30 codehackcreate - maker of F18a VGA replacement for TMS9918 video processor

http://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/?page_id=11#!/~/category/id=5051340&offset=0&sort=nameAsc - arcadeshopper - maker of various PCB boards, ROMS and GROMS including the HDX board for the PEB RS232.

http://turboforth.net/about_turboforth.html turboforth - TurboForth Forth. He has sold cartridges, not sure if he still is?

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Can you do more with it than just play SID music (all though that is a lot)? Such as create SID music on the TI?


If you mean can you use the SID Chip without the SID Player then the answer is yes provided you are using a language that allows CPU memory access (IE XB, Assembly, FORTH etc.)


If your asking if there is a SID editor available for the TI then the answer is no. I'd like to make a mini SID player and editor at some point but I haven't got the energy yet ;-).

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