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Pong/Computer Space Easter Eggs


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I hidden a few Easter Egg in both Computer Space and PONG.

Easter Egg #1 PONG title screen: Hint: Why is 7 afraid of 9? Also, this choice of number is inspired by Paddle Party Easter Egg.


Easter Egg #2 PONG Sport games: Pushing the other fire button will be a colorful choice.


Easter Egg #3 Computer Space star field screen: Holding a fire button that doesn't skip to the title screen, will reveal Megaman 2 Easter egg. I love Megaman 2, so it had to be in this game.

I was going to put more Easter Egg, but I ran out of space.

Here's a chart of what the power up in Super Wall Ball does.

Mystery ? box have 6 random effects, spawning 2 balls, place up to 6 protection bricks, 9 points, increase wall point score, plot a ? box, and 1up.


Enjoy and have a Happy Easter.

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