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CF7+ as HD


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Looking at my cf7+ I have over 2000 volumes. I'll never fill all that. But it gave me an idea (forgive me if someone else came up with a similar idea).

What if I could get the TI to look at those extra volumes like sectors of a disk. Maybe set aside, say, volume 500-1000 as one unit with one of the volumes as a File Table for the VHD.

You just do a 'SAVE CFH.FILENAME' and it will save to that area. But, wouldn't you need to create a DSR for that to happen? Is that possible?

I could see where you might be able to create a CALL LINK("savecfh","filename") program that opens up DRV3 to a FAT volume, finds a place in one of the volumes to save your file to then opens that volume in DRV3 and save your file. but not as elegant.


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There's been some random discussion on trying to set up the CF7+ as an HD, but I don't think anyone has gotten so far as to try writing a DSR that will do it. The real limiter there is that the CF7 DSR is a modified disk controller DSR. You'd have to either massively modify it (and the disk manager) to work with larger volumes and subdirectories, or you'd have to jettison it and start with a hard disk DSR and modify that to work with the CF7 in place of the current disk DSR. Then you'd have to get a modified disk manager that recognizes the new setup. . .definitely not trivial, as the DSR side of interfacing with the CF7 isn't well-described or published by Jaime Malilong, the CF7 developer. Fred Kaal probably knows the most about interfacing programs with it, as he wrote the best disk managers for it to date. That won't help on the DSR to CF7 hardware side though.

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