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info about a 1040stf

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Hi i also recently got a 1040stf with a 4 meg upgrade in it as in these pictures:






It also has another upgrade in it that i am not quite sure what it is for and how it works. It has a switch on the back of the case that is aftermarket whcih goes to a chip on the motherbvoard which says ICD ADStart and i think that is some sort of an accellartor chip. How does it work and what is it all about?


Also on the 4 meg upgrade, only 2 megs are populated (the underside of the board chips are not populated), what kind of chips can i use and where can i find them easily? like cani find them in older ibm compatibles or something like in old video cards or memory upgrades? where should i be looking?




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Unfortunately, I can't help you out with much info. I believe the switch on the back of the system is for either an accellerater or for switching between two different TOS ROM chips. As far as the memory goes, I really can't help you out. :( The 4 meg upgrade that I had in my old STf was a solderless upgrade card populated with standard 1 Meg SIMM chips. That's the only ST memory upgrade I'm familiar with.

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