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Suikoden II release date


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Oh my stars and garters:




This is pretty much my favorite JRPG ever made. A really nice gem. Completely overlooked (never sold worth a damn) but for some reason I loved it. Finished it multiple times back then.


Hopefully it's here this year. I will play it again.


Please tell me there are some Suiko fans here? :D



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Not sure how it holds up today but for back then I preferred this game over any of the Final Fantasy's on PS1. The main addiction was getting all the stars of destiny (ie. finding and convincing every NPC that can join you...to join you) and decking out your own Castle. Also the strategy elements were fun like the Massive Battles and one on one duels. If anything I still think it would be a nice play today for only 7 or 10 bucks.


A nice list of all the 108 Stars of Destiny (NPC's) that can join you in the game:



Yep...I'm a Suiko nerd.


Too bad they lost me with the sequels. Not sure who developed them but not nearly as good as the first two.

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The main addiction was getting all the stars of destiny (ie. finding and convincing every NPC that can join you..

I'm liking Shining Force 3 for the same reason. There are tons of hidden characters that I can get to join my army.

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The only Suikoden games that missed the mark where the tactics one and the sea / island themed one. I know that's a pretty horrible description but it's been awhile! :)


Tactics was pretty bad I never played much of it since I didn't really like it. Suiko IV was the island/sea theme and it was not so good. Suiko III and V were OK. I finished them all even the fourth one. Still for me nothing beats out the first two games (classic top down view etc).

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If anyone gets into the series now that it's reissued they should be aware of the infamous "Suikoden choice" dialogue options. It happens in other classic JRPGS but it's especially prominent in the series. Basically, every multiple choice question has but one correct answer.


For instance, in the second game in the very beginning you get forced into an encounter with soldiers. When you've defeated the baddies you can stay or leave. Except you can't really stay.. it's just repeats the same battle until you choose to leave. If you were really bored this was a great way to level early.

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