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X-Com Enemy Within


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I've been thinking about buying the disc version of this game. However, I've seen LOTS of reviews which say the game has numerous lock-up bugs which make it unplayable, and there has been and will be no upcoming patch to fix these problems. These problems are being stated with such frequency that I don't think they're just by people trolling reviews.


A couple of reviews I've seen imply that the DLC version of the game is the one with the problems, and the disc version of the game works correctly. I've seen quite a few comments where the reviewer will say they rented the disc version of the game in order to sucessfully play. So that leads to my question.


Did anyone else pick the disc version of this one up? Does it crash so much as to be unplayable? Does it have other bugs which severely hamper it?


If it's going to be more pain than it's worth, then I'm still perfectly fine with Enemy Unknown. But I have a friend who keeps on telling me about his borgs and genemodded soldiers and it sounds cool.


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