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Loktars complete North American Atari 7800 collection


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The only game I don't have to make it a *complete* collection is 32 in 1.. but it was a PAL only release and I'm not too interested in it. The bottom right has the few homebrews I have, I need to buy more of those yet.



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Nice stuff :). I say screw the 32 in 1 as well. It's the same exact thing as the Atari 2600 32 in 1 just with a label that says 7800. Not worth going for it in my opinion :P


Thanks :) heh yeah I've seen the 32 in 1 pretty cheap a few times but I would never be able to play it anyway since I only collect NTSC. Its one of the reasons I love Atari a tad above Commodore, Atari always has better NTSC support whereas all the cool Commodore stuff is PAL.

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