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List of NES Racing games?

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Someone wanted to create some lists of 8/16 bit racing games at another forum recently so I put together a few lists before it became evident I was wasting my time when he wasn't even keeping the original post updated.


This is what I came up with for North American releases for the NES. Never got around to listing Japanese and PAL releases for this particular platform.


Single Player:

-Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing

-Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge

-Days of Thunder

-Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge

-Formula One: Built to Win

-Mach Rider

-Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing

-Rad Racer

-Rad Racer II






-Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat

-Eliminator Boat Duel


-Galaxy 5000: Racing in the 51st Century

-Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road

-Knight Rider

-Micro Machines

-Michael Andretti's World Grand Prix

-Monster Truck Rally

-Race America

-Rally Bike

-RC Pro Am

-RC Pro Am 2

-Stunt Kids

-Super Sprint


I didn't include the two Spy Hunters and Bump 'n' Jump since while driving games, they're not really racing games. I don't think I missed any others that might be considered racers, but it wouldn't shock me if 1 or 2 slipped by.

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