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Atari Flashback 6, is it real or bullshit?


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Besides, remember that its AtGames that makes the current flashback line, what do you think about the link mentioning a company called "GetGames" ?


There is an equally stupid and lie-ridden bogus link floating around claiming that the next Atari Flashback will have not only a SD-card slot but also cartridge ports for all Atari consoles, the Intellivision, the NES and support all sorts of 3D-features. Together with all the assorted nuttery and lunacy already being claimed about this or that system one quickly learns to be sceptical. ;)

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Thanks Bill, If anyone would know if there was a shred of truth to the story it would be you!

Er, that does not compute. Bill L. has a advisory relationship with AtGames, but he has no relationship with the firm whose name was mentioned in the press release, GetGames. They could be working on an Atari Flashback 37.2 at this very moment (a 1:1-scale Atari pinballs compilation!), but Bill would not know about it. . . .


Incidentally, the year on that post was 2013. If it had been based on an actual in-the-works product, surely there would have been discussion here at AtariAge in the nearly 14 months since the "announcement"? We might have even heard mainstream news reports about an epidemic of mysteriously euphoric heart attacks among Jaguar fanboys.



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