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Der Luchs

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At the ejagfest 2017, I was asked about MENSCHENJAGD,
so after 3 year of being in the Releasepipeline I've talked to
John and we think it might be a nice X-Mas Release :-D
BUT the question is, who's interested in a physical
and how many total.
I want you to write me an email preorder[at]luchs-soft.de
to let me know that you want a copy.
If there are many ppl who are into that release, we'll do:
1.Package: Box (original size), Manual, Overlay, Red Shell, Cartridge
if there are a few more than usual, we'll do:
2.Package: Box (original size), Manual, Red Shell Cartridge
if there are as much as usual or less, we'll do:
3.Package: Slimcard (packed like vecz)



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If you manage to get to the boxed release but not enough people for option #1 (with the overlay), could you at least release the design for the overlay so that Kray (or whoever you were going to use) could produce custom overlays to go with the boxed game? I would prefer a complete version with the overlay but a boxed version for sure!

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  • 3 weeks later...

interested in abox release for sure

but with overlay will be even better


Well, he just sent out an email about pre-orders -



Hi Supporters,

This is the Preorder for MENSCHENJAGD.

For that game, I'll collect the money before starting the production, to cover the costs.

The Release will include:

- Cardboard Box in original size

- Cardboard Cartridgeholder

- Cartridge in a red Shell with sticker

- Manual

- Overlay with paper protector

As soon as it's funded I will start the production, so if everything works the way it should, MENSCHENJAGD will be shipped at the end of January / beginning of February


here's the direct link to the shop:



I'll upload a video later



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Here's the video Der Luchs sent of the first level game-play. It looks fantastic!



Wow! I like the frantic action, and the cut-scenes are very cool! :)


So, for anybody still on the fence, just go make your pre-order now...



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I got my copy last week, in beautiful packaging, complete with gel overlay. :thumbsup:


I haven't had a chance to play it because my Vectrex is still boxed up in the closet, but I will dig it up and give the game a swirl. :)


Thanks to Sascha, Der Luchs, and all involved in bringing this game to production.



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