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Where can I find homebrew VECTREX carts?

Wyluli Wolf

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I'm scoring a Vectrex machine by the weekend! :D I already bought a couple boxed games for it (clean sweep and Berzerk).

Just wondering if anyone knows a reputable place to buy homebrew carts? It would be awesome if they could produce overlays for the homebrew games!


Also, if anyone has some homebrew games for the vectrex which ones do you recommend?





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Kristof Tuts not only makes homebrew games that offer original type screen printed overlays but his game Vector Pilot is considered one of the best homebrew games for the Vectrex. Fury Unlimited has produced many games in the past but only offers War of the Worlds currently. Good Deal Games currently sells a number of older homebrew games some of which are made by Revival Studios. Also, Madtronix offers a number of old and new homebrew games including the previously unreleased Light Pen game, Mail Plane and a reproduction of the 3D Imager.








I'd keep an eye on the following site which will be releasing games in the following year:







However, I'd recommend getting a programmable multi-cart because a number of the best homebrew games, and all the original games are available for download on the internet.




There about a million threads already about the best homebrew games.

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