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TI-99/4A RF shielding rust problems - ideas?


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I'm new to the TI scene, but I've been working with (and on) Commodore computers for a long time. I know that the bottom RF shield isn't a have to re-install on them - so if someone spilled something into the console and it ended up rusting the bottom shield, you can just remove it and toss it.


The last 2 TI's that I've been working on have had serious surface rust on both parts (top & bottom) of the RF shielding. I notice that there's a ground attached to the bottom piece of the console that goes to the expansion port and then to the bottom of the RF shield. Also - the other part of the RF shield has the heatsink for the VDP.


I have some really good copper heatsinks that I can put on the VDP if necessary, and I can fix the ground to the expansion port as well.


My question is - what do you all do with these rusty shields? It can't be good to just replace them with them shedding little bits of rusty metal all over the motherboard and the insides of the case.


I took one set and wire brushed it of all surface rust, then rubbed in a light coating of sewing machine oil, then wiped that until the oil was only a light residue protecting the metal.


I've got my 'beige' unit apart now, and it's the rustiest one yet. I'm going to hold off on putting it back together until I see if anyone has a better way of dealing with them than what I've tried.

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