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Soccer games for the 7800


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Hi Guys

when i saw TOUCHDOWN FOOTBALL first time,i thought about hacking it in a Little Soccer game......At the Moment

there is WORLD CUP in Brazil and no one seems to care about :(

So i hacked a Touchdown Version a Little bit and asked Atari Maximus about posting it here....He agreed :)

And i had some ideas,howto make the game better....And he did a SOCCER CHALLENGE for me,with my ideas.......

I am posting 2 games now......WORLD CUP,my simple hack(really nothing Special) and the new game,made by AM









greetings Walter

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Haha, very fun additions, AM and Walter!


I think it would be very cool if there were a series of these sorts of games bundled together into one "mini sports" rom. Add in Hockey and Dodgeball, throw in some 2 player variants, and you have something cart-worthy! :D

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Oh, I think you could do it, Walter. I'm an absolute dilettante, but I finally took some time and got something small started today. I bet you can coax something out of it. :) Besides, we're all in this together; I'm sure everyone will be happy to help overcome any problems.


*begins compiling my small list of problems for everyone to help in overcoming* :lol:


Love the soccer game, by the way, and RevEng's idea of a cart of mini-games.

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Hi Mac

i was able to make a little Quiz game,which is floating around here in the 7800 forum.But without RevEng this would never have been possible for me.,,,

One big problem i have is to draw any sprites with GIMB..,how can i draw a simple sprite,how can i change colours in GIMB?How do i choose a pen to begin drawing?Sounds stupid,but i really cannot handle this damn program :( A simple beginning manual would be great :)

This are only a few problems,i have...,,.

Maybe,i could do a text adventure.....and at the moment i convert the ET book for the 7800

greetings Walter

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Hi Walter.


In all honesty, I'm no good with GIMP either. I actually make all my images in Photoshop first. Then, I export PNGs out and reopen them in GIMP to do the color indexing. It's an utterly needless extra step that, if I did what I should and actually learned how to use GIMP properly, I wouldn't have to do. But I like things that I'm comfortable with...which is why I still play with Ataris when everyone else I know is mulling over which new system they should buy.


In all seriousness, though, maybe starting your graphics in another editor might be an approach worth trying. You can use Trebor's MARIA palettes as a reference for your colors, and you can load and index the results in GIMP. He provides palettes for indexing in this post. These can be loaded into GIMP--a step that I had to perform twice on two different computers and that took me forever; I couldn't remember how I did it either time and still can't. Once they're in place, though, it's easy to use them.


I absolutely can't remember how do add index palettes. This is driving me nuts. I'll dig around in the GIMP documentation and see what I can find. I think I found how you import Trebor's palettes in the GIMP documentation. Have a look at this page; particularly, look down toward the bottom of the entry. I think this might be how I added his palettes. Once you do that, you can open your exported PNGs from your original editor and run color indexing easily in GIMP.

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I had an extremely difficult time initially figuring out graphics, and had never used Gimp before a week or two ago. I spent several hours trying to make it work when I started on Touchdown Challenge. I don't have time to dive into it this weekend, but I can make a detailed post on Monday about how to create 7800basic compatible character and sprite graphics with Gimp.

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