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JetPack! available for sale - ColecoVision homebrew


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Hi all,


Nearly 8 years ago I quickly made a game for a minigame competition, called JETP4K. You can find a version of it here: http://www.colecovision.dk/tools.htm

Since then, I've worked on it a few times, expanding and tweaking it, especially the difficulty ramping. Recently, I thought I lost the source code, but found most of it, and finally finished it.


I have a new ColecoVision game PCB available, so I thought it was a good time to release JetPack!


With apologies to Daniel, this is a "cart before the box"TM release. ;) Collectorvision will most likely have a box and manual sold separately to those who are interested. They can post that information here.


I have 30 carts assembled and ready to mail out (by the way, you can see a bit of difference in the black levels of the background of the graphics versus the main background):



If there's more interest, I'll make another batch in the future... maybe next week, maybe in a month or two, depending on demand and time.


if you'd like one or more, please send me a PM. The price is $32 US each via PayPal, including shipping pretty much anywhere (with some exceptions).


Here are some pictures, and the text to the unofficial instructions. As you can see, it's a fairly simple game, with simple graphics, and simple gameplay. I think it's fun, though, and hopefully you will, too!


Start screen:



Level select screen (no, it's not a Star Wars game):



The game screen:






Game over (pretty good score):



Welcome to JetPack!
JetPack! Is a fast-paced game where you need to travel
through an asteroid belt filled with rocks and diamonds.
Avoid the rocks to stay alive, and catch the diamonds to
obtain bonuses.
Starting a New Game
Ensure that the ColecoVision is powered off. Insert the
JetPack! Cartridge into the ColecoVision, then power on
the ColecoVision. The title screen will appear. Press fire or
wait for the difficulty level screen to appear. Move the
joystick up/down to choose a difficulty level. Press fire
when ready. The game screen will appear. Press fire once
more to begin the game.
Your Controller During the Game
The game control is very simple. Hold the fire button
down to engage the thrust on the jetpack. The player will
accelerate upward. Releasing the fire button will cause
the player to gravitate downward. Your player will
bounce off the ceiling or floor if you hit either with
enough speed.
Press the joystick to the right to activate a bomb, if any
are available. All rocks on the screen will be obliterated.
Press the joystick to the left to pause the game. Press to
the left again to continue the game.
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just to know the new pcb give easier way to work with cost less or give more room ???


The parts cost a bit less, but it takes more time to assemble and inspect. ROM space is still a standard 32K.


The main difference is that there's a programming edge connector on the end opposite from the "game" edge connector. With an $8 cartridge connector, I (or anyone with a suitable EPROM programmer) can plug this PCB into an EPROM programmer, and program them when they're completely assembled (rather than when they're only half assembled). The PCBs can also be re-programmed, so the first program I install is a test program, which, when run on the CV successfully, ensures that the whole ROM space can be accessed properly. The plan is that if anyone orders PCBs (once I have stock built up), I'll be able to send them out within a day or two, even if I have to program them.

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