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Dualshock 4 will now work wireless with PS3


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The last firmware update enabled DS4 bluetooth support. Works as well as the DS3, except for lack of rumble which I can live with. Startup/shutdown with the PS button works as it should after the initial pairing. No word on when rumble will be enabled, though Sony is 'looking into it'.

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I just tried it and it works perfectly except for the PS button, the touchpad and the vib.


Since I dont really care for any of those I'm permanently using the PS4 controller on the PS3. :D


Like driving games will use the triggers just fine for acceleration? That kind of thing?


Yes, works great

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Neat, I'd like to upgrade to one. I hope they patch in rumble support and finish the deal.


Any strange compatibility issues like were present when using it as a wired controller?


Wake me up when they support wireless joysticks on the Vita.

Without enabling the tv/out functionality the original Vita was designed for that almost surely won't happen now that the Vita TV is on the way and they've removed the scaler from the LCD slim revision, is there really much of a need for such a thing?

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What is the point of using a PS4 controller on a PS3? (that is an honest question...)


I posted some thoughts a long time ago and still feel the same way but as of today I'm convinced this is the best controller around along with the Xbox if you like that one:



The D-Pad and Analog sticks destroy the PS3 controllers hands down. Nothing else compares. It's my favorite controller that exists besides maybe the Xbox but this may beat those out for me. Yep I love it.




Oh wait, so I'll still need to turn on my PS3 with a standard dual shock or walk up and press the power button on the console?


Yeah that sucks but for me its not a problem since I'm only a few feet away. I would hold off until they have that work.

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