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Sexiest TI image ever?


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That's an excellent and timeless cover!


I'll take pics of beautiful women of yore than most of the silliness you see out in public today. ;)


On a related note, started watching Three's Company re-runs again as they're airing on AntennaTV. Always loved the varying looks of the girls throughout the seasons, but always thought Terry (Priscilla Barnes) was drop dead gorgeous. And at 58, she's still a knockout!




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you old guys! is this what you want?



Brings up a topic I once discussed with a former girlfriend. She asked me if I would be interested in phone sex or cyber sex. I responded with a swift, "no." Same with porn and stuff like that. While I appreciate the form, if she is not right here with me, or at least a picture of a woman with whom I am involved, my interest and attention is not held.


So, more direct to your question, whoever that is is cute but, Meh.

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