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Old Sega CD/32X Game When I Was a Kid in the 90s


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Greetings AtariAge,


In my adult years I've been finding myself growing increasingly nostalgic and sliding back to old consoles and platforms that I either had as a kid or remember one of my friends having and have been having a load of fun (and hardache) trying to remember some of the old games from those times.


I remember going over to my uncle's house one time and he had a Sega Genesis that I believe was hooked up to a 32X addon as well as the Sega CD addon, though I could be incorrect (and it is likely that I am) and it was only one of these addons that he had it hooked up to. I never owned any of the addons as a kid so my familiarity with them is limited, but I believe there were very few games released that required both (I went through a few lists that I found online). As well, I didn't find anything when I was looking at 32X only games so my belief is that it is a title from the Sega CD collection which is far larger, a bit too large to easily go through every title looking for screen shots.


There in lies another problem. I only remember a tiny fraction of the actual game. Some of my uncles friends were playing it so I didn't even get to try it myself, but the game always resonated with me in the back of my mind and I've sought for many years to find the title like I have with so many other games from my youth.


So, here is what I remember:


1) I remember the world they were on being similar in appearance to Toejam and Earl for the Genesis, but it felt a little more "zoomed out" from the semi-top down view of that game, you could see more of the map/world but the sprites were a bit smaller as a result.

2) One of the characters (if not the main character) reminded me a little of Rocket Knight - I am not sure why.

3) It looked like they were either in a stage of the game (or perhaps it was how the entire gameplay portion of the game looked) where they had exited a vehicle and were trying to get into another vehicle. The vehicles looked a bit like spaceships from what I could remember and I believe there were three of them parked in the area.

4) It looked, at least to my knowledge, like a sort of game where you could jump into a vehicle and drive around to other zones to complete levels/missions and then come back to swap out a different vehicle for a mission perhaps more suited for it.


This concept is pretty unusual to me (for the time at least) and I don't remember any other game that sort of resembled it on the same system or simply from that era (other than Toejam and Earl for the appearance reasons).


So yeah, I know this is almost nothing to go on but even if I could have a few people throw a couple of potential titles at me I could surely go and have a look for myself. Narrowing down my necessary research would be infinitely helpful.


Thanks a bunch, I appreciate your time!

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Any chance it was an RPG such as Phantasy Star 4 or Lunar?

I am fairly certain it was an RPG based on my small memory of the game, I am looking into your two suggestions now but it might be awhile before I get to play them and see for myself. In any case I appreciate the reply!

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