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Custom power set-up for Genesis w/ Sega CD


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I bought this power supply.





Replaced the tip with this, to change the polarity.




Another power supply could probably be found that didn't need modded from center + to center negative, but I liked this originally for the fact it was 2 amps and I could power a Genesis or NES for hours and it didn't even feel warm. I also made some adapters for powering the 2600, 7800 and SNES




Fast Forward to a few weeks ag. I was looking at my Model 1 Genesis mounted on my Model 2 Sega CD and thinking about how it sucks to have to use 2 power supplies. I started wondering if there was a female to 2 X male 5.5mm X 2.1mm adapter. Yes indeed there is, and not only that it is nearly free. $1.11 with free shipping.... Yes you read that right $1.11 with free shipping. Cable length between the 2 males is barely long enough, but do reach and then I just merely plug my 2A 9VDC power adapter into it and no more need for 2 power supplies.


Here is a link to the auction I won, I am sure the seller has more. Also picture below is the auction picture if you don't want to click on the link.




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Just for reference 1000ma (milli amps) = 1A (amp)


The NES, Genesis, Sega CD and all the other system mentioned in the previous post require less than 1 amp so my 2 amp power supply powers them and also can power the Genesis and Sega CD with the splitter.


You would most likely burn up a Genesis power supply if you used the splitter and tried to power both the Genesis and the Sega CD.

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