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CG's Multi-System HSC: Season 2 Round 7: Player's Choice

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I've decided that I need a break from choosing games. It's a long tedious and thankless job. So.......


For this round, you will choose the game, and settings, and rules for that game.


So each new poster will choose a game to be played and the settings and the rules in his or her first post. If we have 5 different posters, thats 5 different games.

Here are the rules to what games can be chosen


1. Must be a system 5th generation or older or the Gameboy Advance from the 6th anniversary

2. Once someone posts a game for a system, that system can't be chosen for anymore games in this round

3. Don't choose some really obscure game/system that you'd be the only one who could play unless you upload a emulator link and the rom link.
4. Don't choose a game that is currently being played in another HSC

Bonus: 5 points - Finish in 1st place for the game you specifically choose


Deadline August 20, 2014 12:01 PM EST

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getting the hang of it but man, this game really sticks it to ya!

I keep getting put in situations where there is no option but to abandon the cliff & lose points, or die.


Yeah, that does happen. You get so many monsters zipping around with the massive leg of Mama Dino descending from above it get to be almost impossible and worth it just to leave. It's a reat game though. Very challenging and inventive.

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