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Michael David Morsette

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No ROM. This is the game LX.NET announced he had discovered and is planning for release. It was a little miscommunication that this video was posted already, pictures were meant to be released when the details about the release are set. Now you have seen it early, but you'll have to wait a little longer for more.

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Oh yes of course it is! Man this is exciting! columns was always my favourite game on the Game Gear and this is the closest Lynx has ever got to that.. If LX.NET releases it on PCB and enables two player mode then I'm up for two copies!


Let's hope it won't take too much longer.

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I hope this is fast enough ;)


The game is called Quadromania.

Here are some pictures to wet your appetite:




Currently on a bad Internet connection, so I will post in smaller parts.

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Mr.Bland was allowed to post a video of the game. He is the first one to receive a physical copy (PCB version) of the game for reason known to him and myself. The only miscommunication was that I wanted to do a quick follow-up explaining the origins and some plans on releasing. I wasn't able to do so currently. Never mind. The story is this:

When I acquired the Pinky/Mandy set from Robert Maidorn it included everything from the original set, plus backups of his work. Robert had acquired the Epyx SDK and bought himself an Amiga 2000 to create games for the Lynx. He coded Quadromania (also called Quattro in earlier incarnations) in 6502 code using the Epyx development tools. A gigantic achievement if you ask me, as he had no prior experience with the devkit.

The completed game was submitted to Atari for quality screening and triage for a release. Atari liked it enough to intend to release it. But, in 1993 it never came to that for reasons known when you look at the last release date of an official Atari (Lynx) game. The code was backupped, and stored alongside the Amiga and Epyx dev kit, when his brother did an interest check in 2012.

We came in contact, worked out the details, missed the 2012 holiday season when Robert's family is in Europe for Christmas time. The Epyx dev kit is located in Europe, but without a working Amiga. When everything was shipped to me at the end of 2013/early 2014, I inspected the backup set and was able to reconstruct (most, but not all) parts of the source code, plus some graphics work, and the compiled code. The compiled code is not a runnable binary, but with the help of Harry Dodgson I was able to get it to run and saw that it was a complete game. I wrote some encryption tools to help out with the signatures of the binary, in order to get it to run on a real Lynx. It need the encrypted header and the correct checksum for that to work. I managed to do that with my own Amiga where I installed the dev kit, and the self-created tooling.

The result is the game that will run on a PCB in a Lynx 1 and 2. It is a complete game in Dr. Mario style, which resembles Columns somewhat. Robert has given me full rights to publish the game, with no restrictions on my part. I thought it would be appropriate to release it this fall to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Lynx. It will be published as is, because I think it honors Robert's hard work the best. I could alter it, yet will not do that for the same reason. Even so, I intend to spent some time to reconstruct the source code. It is complete except for (possibly) some sound files. In the meantime, the compiled ROM image will be what is available. There is no multi-player option available. Also, I will not release the source code or the ROM image. I might personalize each (binary) copy of the game, so each one is unique.

The details of this release need to be worked out. It could be a larger release, or a smaller one. In the latter case, I need to think about the way to assign each copy to interested people. I tend to prefer an "active members first" policy. What do you think about that? If there is not enough interest to deplete supplies there isn't going to be an issue. Suggestions for the release are welcome.

Some details on the release that are known: 108stars is working on the box cover art. He is doing a great job creating a box that looks exactly like the original Atari releases.

I need to find out if we can do a PCB or maybe a curved lip version. Perhaps we can use an existing mold to create them, or there could be a small supply lying around somewhere. If we can make the small print boards then it is either the new curved lip ones, or some donor cartridges like they do for the 2600 and INTV, Vectrex and VideoPac for example.

Let me know what you think. Thank in advance.

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Thanks for an interesting update! Is 108stars working on an instruction manual design too? I favour curved lip; PCB is great but the former are easier to store.. Plus you get an opportunity to add a proper label to the cart. Maybe the zaku/ super fighter team can offer advice on this. Albert s looking into 3D printing for 2600 carts.. Maybe this could be a solution although there is still some waiting on this. Donor carts I don't like!

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I'm happy Alex finally posted. :)


Atm I am doing the box, and hopefully the template will serve as a base for future original style Lynx packaging. I hope a manual will be included as well, we'll have to wait and see.


I am absolutely for an original style curved lip card. Ideal would be new cards, where I think the best possibility would be if there are any leftovers from Zaku (I don't know if there are). Alternatively, I am okay with donors. Remember, we are not about to butcher Double Dragon and Desert Strike cards. But there are quite a few very common games cheaply available as old new stock. If a couple of Dirty Larries have to die, that would be fine with me in light of the greater good.


3D printing still has a lower quality to it. I would be happy to be proven wrong, but so far I have never heard of something like that 3D printed in similar quality as the original manufactured stuff.


Whatever the details will be, tis is a great find and I am thankful to Robert Maidorn, LX.NET and Mr.Bland who all made this possible :)

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Wait, what you can reuse Lynx carts for new games? I can't wait to get Quadromania for my lynx.

Why not? It's basically plastic cartridge shells just like for any other system, just smaller and more slim. If something among those lines could be worked out, whether donors, left over Zaku shells or 3D printed, I think it would be great. Lynxman does a great job on his PCBs, yet they still always feel like something inferior to other systems' homebrews that have the authentic look. :)

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Quadromania is a must have for lynx fans because it takes advantage of the fact that the lcd screen is color it just takes benefit of it,so why it was never released is beyond me,


o o,o,o atari you missed the big boat, you should,ve just drop the jaguar and keep focussing on the lynx till 2000 because it was more popular.


The thing is, dr mario for nintendos gameboy should not had to be released and does not belong on gameboy because 1 its not in color and 1 shade of grey between the matching.medicine and virus is wrong and 2 since the screen was monochrone ,it was nearly impossible to tell to wich virus each medicine belonges to.


They never come with a color version of that game for gameboycolor either,no ,wich is a shame.


But quadromania for the atari lynx is a ideal game for the lynx

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