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Best atari pong model

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Best atari pong system  

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  1. 1. Which was the best atari-made pong unit?

    • Pong
    • Pong doubles
    • Super pong
    • Super pong ten
    • Super pong pro-am
    • Super pong pro-am ten
    • Ultra pong
    • Ultra pong doubles
    • Video pinball
    • Stunt cycle

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The "best" Pong should be the Ultra Pong Doubles, having the most games. I'm partial to the Super Pong Pro-Am Ten though. Just like the look of it, I guess. Each of these systems were only incrementally different.

Video Pinball is an awesome console. Never played Stunt Cycle, but I hear good things. Although I think it's the Sears version that has the Pong games as well.

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I've owned all of the "official" Atari Pong systems, including Video Pinball and Stunt Cycle. The only one I needed to keep was Super Pong. I like the dated, yet form-meets-function 70s styling with both player controls built into the console and the silly rainbow colors that add nothing whatsoever to the gameplay. It is both ridiculous and wonderful at the same time. It gets played several times a year even if only 15 minutes at a time.


Video Pinball didn't get played again after the first few days. Stunt Cycle looks massively cool but it was too easily mastered and didn't get much play, either.


Guests had the same reaction, Video Pinball and Stunt Cycle were exciting for about 5 minutes. Super Pong gets a lot more playtime from visitors.

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