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Compact English Trainer - seeking disk image


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As I was exploring my Cyc DVD, I came across module PHM 3065, Compact English Trainer, which was apparently released in Germany. The ROMs are present, but the accompanying disk or tape image is not. Does anyone know if this disk image has been dumped and if so, where it can be downloaded? Thanks to anyone who can help!

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I have the files on WAV as well as on disk; going to upload that on WHTech. I also recorded the course from the audio tapes and scanned the manual. (Yes, the one that Ciro just posted.)


I cannot upload right now because I'm just doing some work on MESS, don't have a running emulation.

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OK, I uploaded the two floppy disk images to WHTech: ftp://ftp.whtech.com/Diskettes/TestTrainer/


By the way, I did some relocations on WHTech, so you should check external links:


- The folders of Ben Yates, Chris Schneider, and Fred Kaal have been moved to a new /Users folder. I hope this does not cause too much trouble; it's just a move, but it makes more sense in terms of structure.


- New toplevel folders /Diskettes and /Cartridges, next to the already existing /Cassettes. The RPK / ZIP cartridges have been moved from the emulator subtree to the new Cartridges folder. Cartridges for other emulators should be put in /Cartridges/<format>


- The 9640news have been moved to the /Geneve folder so that we can find all Geneve-related stuff in the Geneve subtree.

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