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TI-99/4A Necro-Posting Mania! -- 08/01/2014


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Anyone up for some fun on 08/01? NECRO-POSTING


Find your favorite old thread, or just a real good one with lots of goodies and give 'er little bump.

It could be about something spectacular, it could be about something we've recently been conversing about, it could be about something that shows us how far we've come since this sub-group was originally formed, or it could be about (place your idea here).


Let's have some fun and change things up a little, who knows we all might learn something too.


27513881.jpg It's all good!

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First Necro Post of the day (and an interesting choice) << HERE >> GOOD JOB!


I cannot figure out how this was done though. From the main menu it say's it was posted by, Andrew Wolff, but when you go into the message is say's the last message was posted by acadiel on August 1, 2012. How was the message bumped?


Is this guy a GHOST? When you go to his profile it say's he has 6 posts... but when you go to read them it say's, "No posts to display". He also reads as ZERO profile views. Is this guy that good or does the AA software have a delay in reporting them? I only ask because it say's he's a new member as of today.


EDIT: Must be a delay now the profile views are a positive number.

I'd still like to know how it was bumped though.


I gotta get some sleep, I'll see if there are any changes by morning.

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