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Pole Position Competition -- (8/10 - 8/24)


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You're goodbut, not that good. Challenge accepted! :P It is, indeed, Tursi's screen with the following modifications:

  • Both instances of '584' are identical.
  • The '5' is from the 2nd '5' of Tursi's '100550'.
  • The '8' is from Tursi's 'LAP 8'.
  • The '4' is from Tursi's '54"80'.
So. there! :P



We'll done! OK I confess. I got a little carried away with Gimp ;)

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Suppose we take a road that is 64 pixels high (1/3 of the screen), that would mean we'd need to render 64*15 horizontal lines per second to get 15fps, or 960 horizontal lines per second (a pseudo 3d racing game is basically a pre-rendered set of horizontal lines that depict a straight road. Then, when doing turns, the lines are simply drawn with an offset distance from the side of the screen that gets smaller the closer you get to the bottom of the screen). I know Tursi measured a max speed of 92 lines per second for arbitrary bresenham lines, but maybe we can get a 10-fold speed increase if we just need horizontal lines. Of course, if you make the road as small as 38 lines, it's only a four-fold speed increase and I'm sure that is possible.


I have been thinking of a racing game as a good way to utilize the 512K cart. You could store up to 128 4K bitmap mode images of the road, each covering a 1/3 of the screen. I don't know exactly how long it takes to send 4K to the VDP, but I don't think it should be a problem to achieve 15 FPS.

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