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Programmers. Want an autograph cartridge?

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For years I have been working with Atari 2600 programmers on games made to be autographed by cast members of various Horror and Sci-fi movies.

Games have been made for:


Army of Darkness
Nightmare on Elm Street
Dawn of the Dead
Ghost Hunters
and several other movies.


It is that time of year again. In October I will be meeting:














If anyone wants to make a game for any system for one of the guest (just use imdb.com to see their movies) just send me a PM for details. Basically, You keep any rights to your game. I just have a few cartridges made to be signed by the people you choose. I will send you a copy of the autographed cartridge for free. The catch, I have cartridges made that I get signed also. The game can be a brand new game that you make or a hack or reprogramming of one of your other games.

Just to be clear. I am not expecting to have top notch completed games done in time for the October show. Several times games such as Strangeland, Army of Darkness and Phantasm were in the proto or single level stage and then were finished after the show. This in no ways lowers the value or collectability of the cartridges. I need to know if you are interested and what game and celebs you are interested in so I can design labels for the game.

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waiting for an answer :(


Just run your idea by me. This has become too expensive to just do a graphic hack of pac-man or something similar. If someone has an existing homebrew game that they want to hack or convert to an autograph cartridge then that is fine. Army of Darkness was actually a reworked BiFrost and that turned out great.

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