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Need Help with Atari Pong


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Others will correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it is only 5.5v adaptor or 4 size D batteries (4x1.5v = 6v)

this is correct


open the battery tray (entire bottom cover) to see if it's clean ...if badly corroded it can be cleaned up with white vinegar & baking soda (or battery holder replaced)


don't plug the wrong adapter in even though it will fit

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the Sears & Atari Pong units didn't come with power supplies originally , they were battery powered.. An additional 6V "battery eliminator" was an extra purchase


I believe the Video Pinball did come with a power supply but also it does have a battery tray for six batteries , however it's the same 9v power supply later used for the Atari VCS (2600)


the male plug is the same 1/8" jack for both voltages & is what I meant by "not using the wrong one"


NOS purchases can be found here: http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/power%20guide.htm

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