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Weird Genesis cable


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So, I have a cable that seems like it's for the Sega Genesis. It has an 8 pin DIN connector on one end, and a 9 pin female connector on the other. It's around 5 or so inches long. On the side is written E148000 LTK Style 2835. No other markings are visible. It seems like it might be a converter cable so you can use the Genesis Model 2 AV connector with the Model 1, but I'm not sure honestly WHAT the heck it is. Any help is appreciated.

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It sounds like the adapter that shipped with the 32X for use with the model 1 Sega Genesis. It's for connecting the Genesis and 32X together, as the cable it comes with is for a model 2 system and the adapter is needed when using a model 1 console. Those adapters are getting fairly rare, as many people seem to have lost them over the years.


Does it look like the middle cable for step #3? http://www.gametrog.com/GAMETROG/HOW_to_connect_Hook_Up_SEGA_32X_to_SEGA_Genesis_Model_1_Page_two.html

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