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RMT POKEY player for the 7800

Eckhard Stolberg

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Some of you might have already heard about the Raster Music Tracker in the 8-bit forum. It's a POKEY music editor for Windows that comes with 6502 ASM source code for it's player routine. Unfortunately the routine was written for XASM and is a bit 8-bit computer specific. So I went ahead and converted it for use with DASM and the 7800. Hopefully it will help homebrew authors to make their games sound better. I tried to make all hardware accesses go through an equate, so it should be possible to easily adapt the player for use with the 5200 too.


You can find a simple test program with source code on my site. The demo plays a POKEY version of Rob Hubbard's music for Delta on the C64, which Radek Sterba kindly allowed me to use. The binary should work on a converted BallBlazer RAM cart and on MESS. The song is timed for PAL, so you should use a PAL 7800 or the PAL 7800 emulation in MESS for an original experience.



Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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