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Expand memory in Mini Memory


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The area of CPU memory mapped out to the cartridge port is a maximum of 8K. The mini-mem ROM is 4K and the RAM is 4K. The RAM could be expanded, but bank switching techniques would be required, meaning at least one more chip inside the mini-mem cart.


The 4K RAM of the Mini-Mem is actually quite generous; it's surprising what you can fit in 4K ;-)

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There was a mod by using the GRAMULATOR where you could patch the Mini Memory GROM and it would talk to the 4 banks of the Miltion Bradly type of bank switching 4K.


This gave you four 4K banks of upper 4K RAM from >7000 to >7FFF which is 4x4=16K RAM but I think you could do the same thing with the HSGPL card.

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Well it is in the manuals:








Not sure where all the data is but it should be somewhere on how it works along with the source code.


I think in WHTECH FTP




But finding something on WHTECH FTP is always a nightmare as there is no GRAM section for GRAM devices. So not sure where it is today.


It used to be on the C.A.D.D. site but that site has been down for ages...

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