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How to play 8 player games?

Rick Dangerous

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Hello everyone. I recently acquired Fred Couples Golf for the 32x, which supports 1-8 player. In the manual it states "team adaptor for players 3-8 sold seperatley."


The 1st party multi-tap I have seen for genesis uses both of the consoles plugs, so I'm wondering if anyone knows what type or brand of adaptor is 4 into 1, so that 2 can be hooked up for a total of 8 players.



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I tried to play ULTIMATE SOCCER on the Mega Drive with 8 players couple of years ago. I had connected everything as described in the manual, but it didn't work.

NBA JAM is supposed to be another game which should be playable with 8 players. Never saw a prove of that.


The only thing which is true as I also tested it, is that MICROMACHINES 2 can be played with 8 players on 4 controllers, but that isn't really fun.

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