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MESS 0.155 out... more updates to the 7800 driver


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MESS 0.155 is out, and it has some updates 7800 developers will be interested in. My own summary...


  • DMA limiting has been implemented. All of the usual 7800 emulators gave MARIA infinite time to render a line. In MESS, now MARIA will stop rendering if too much time has passed. [Trebor, RevEng]
  • Last Line DMA time has been corrected to its measured value. [Trebor, RevEng]
  • Blank scanlines are now drawn when DMA is off. [Trebor, RevEng]
  • Separate XM emulation, including YM2151 sound chip. [etabeta]
  • HSC passthru cart emulation added. [etabeta]
  • Massive code cleanup, and major reorganization. [etabeta]


The official list of changes is here.


During testing of this one, Trebor came across a lot of "bugs" in emulation that we discovered weren't actually bugs at all, but instead were glitches that occurred on real hardware too. While it's a good idea to test your code on real hardware, this release makes it a lot less risky for those times you can't.

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