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examples needed


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I am trying to get imagemagick to work.


I never got pictures working in 7800basic so my question is, can someone send me some gif/jpg/png (originals) and converted (7800basic) format that are tested.

Also send the pallet.png if you used it, otherwise tell me to what color number the pictures are reduced.


imagemagick can make indexed png files according to several articles, would be great if I get it running.

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first try with input.png



d:\Rene\7800basic\samples\mygame>7800bas mygame.bas
7800basic 0.2 Jul 14 2014 15:45:17
*** (19): ERROR, the png file 'gfx\input.png' has too many colors.
Compilation failed.
Press any key to continue . . .


then I use mogrify on a copy of input.png (called input2.png)



mogrify -format png -colors 13 -define png:color-type=3 -depth 1 PNG8:input2.png


First time an error repeat the line above a second time it seems to be accepted by 7800basic



ROM compiles fine but stil not a good picture.. I need to have examples to verify



Attached are the source file (input.png) just a random file from my laptop :-) and the converted version (input2.png)



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