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PlayStation 3 / PS3 HIDDEN GEMS

Metal Jesus

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Playstation 3 had some great games released for it and in this video I highlight some of the lesser known Hidden Gems for your PS3 game collection.

Games Shown:
Yakuza 4
AquaPazza: AquaPlus Dream Match
Ski Doo: Snowmobile Challenge
Dragon’s Crown
Brutal Legend
The Bureau - XCom Declassified
Valkyria Chronicles
Ridge Racer Unbounded
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Nice list :-)

Recently dabbled for 1st time with the Yakuza Series with Yakuza 3.Kinda felt like a modern day Shen Mue in places.
The Bureau - XCom Declassified: I loved until near the very end.Just became a scase of surving waves of foes long enough to trigger next key event.
Valkyria Chronicles:Utterly amazed me. At the time, the nearest thing to a modern Xcom (after PS2 Freedom Ridge had sadly bit the dust). Recently picked up the PSP sequel. Yet to try though.
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The difficulty in this game can be really annoying... but very enjoyable for the most of the game.


One of my friends played both the classic and new renditions of this series. He explained it wasn't necessarily difficult as much the percentages "to hit" were mostly inaccurate. It made you take risks that look good on the statistics shown but utterly fail once executed.

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Absolutely love the Yakuza series. It's a bummer none of them are coming over here. Even the remakes for the Wii U I think have been canned and will never appear.


Loved Dragons Crown, Valkyria Chronicles and a game called Puppeteer that I think I saw for 10 bucks at Best Buy (an overlooked gem in my opinion)




Also, lots of obscure Japanese RPG's coming out as of late...

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Puppeteer was free on PS Plus not too long ago. It's very clever but I lost interest pretty fast.


I can't believe I'd never heard of Brutal Legend. It looks amazing. I found a used copy at Gamestop for $5 and nabbed it. The soundtrack alone looks to be worth that much.


Valkyria also looks interesting.

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I've got some of the games on the list, like Resonance of Fate and Eternal Sonata, but I'm refusing to buy Disgaea 4 over all the DLC they got put out for the game. (They did the same with Disgaea 3, and most other games in the series afterwards, and many other series.) Just counted up the DLC and it's holding steady at 99 dollars - most of it being things that you use to just unlock in Disgaea games in the post-story section. I kinda find it funny how every piece of dlc on that game is exactly 1.6 megabytes, regardless of if it's characters, storymodes, or levels. :ponder:


I do plan on playing through Resonance of Fate fairly soon however.

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Folklore is a serious grindfest but I liked it a lot. I think I reached chapter 6 but never finished the game. I beat Eternal Sonata co-op with my wife a few years ago, it's a great game. I just wish you could have four characters on the battlefield instead of three which usually left a player only controlling a single character.

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