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Sound issues with SGM + A/V mod


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Hi all,


I have an A/V modded ColecoVision with one video and one audio RCA style jack. Sound is good for normal ColecoVision games, but when I plug in a SGM game it's almost mute. Going through the coaxial connection produces good sound but poorer image. Any ideas on how to fix this? The sound portion of the A/V mod is just a cable soldered to two pins of a chip (sound chip?)



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It the WAY that your ColecoVision was modded... that is where the sound is being tapped into on the CV motherboard. The mod that was done on your system, while it works as you have noticed for games that do not use the SGM's additional sound chip, causes the same low volume output when used to play Atari 2600 games with the Expansion Module #1 Atari Adapter. So you will either have to turn up the volume on your TV really high, re-mod your system to properly tap into the sound as was mentioned above or buy one of Yurkie's composite mod boards for around $30.


BTW, this same low volume output problem occurs on the stand-alone ADAM Computer system when using the Opcode SGM and Expansion Module #1.

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