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Tris for INTV


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I have practised a lot with intycolor and sound commands to modify tic tac toe, also working on the intelligence to have more semi-random choice by the console.. and I'm pretty satisfied of the result: Tris

I'm thinking now if it would be the case to make overlay and box template (I dont say making a cart, but having the box and overlays made for printing just in case)...






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First impressions:

  • Looks cool: I like the title screen, it lends itself to "branding" of future games.
  • I like the "Blip! Blop!" sounds of the pawns, it reminds me of Pong.
  • The "input" problem I've reported in the past is mostly gone. However, it sometimes jumps directly to the start screen, skipping the end status screen after I position my last pawn. It is rare now, but it still happens.
  • The game is much too easy. The algorithm of the computer player seems to be based mostly on reactive blocking, but it doesn't play strategically at the beginning. This means that it is extremely easy to set yourself a winning position on the first two moves. Try the following to win every time:
X|.|.   X|0|X   X|0|X   X|0|X 
-+-+-   -+-+-   -+-+-   -+-+-
.|.|.   .|.|.   0|.|.   0|X|.
-+-+-   -+-+-   -+-+-   -+-+-
.|.|0   .|.|0   X|.|0   X|.|0
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